The About

Contemporary Art Blogs acts as a type of Google News aggregator for contemporary art. As blogs are one of the most immediate forms of publishing, the hope is to connect audiences with the broadest view of the best international art occurring today.

Our front page promotes the latest entries from leading art blogs and takes you directly to them. We try to balance cities, galleries and media (and favor large format images) to provide the reader with an instant overview. Whilst some blogs are updated daily, others perhaps monthly or yearly; checking into our front page means you’ll never miss anything.

Our news page displays the latest contemporary art news appearing across the major news media, or sites that display small or intermittent images. These include ArtForum, the Guardian, Gallerist NY, The Economist, Aljazeera, The Independent, Daily Beast, Flavorwire, ArtInfo, The Financial Times, ABC Online, Tokyo Art Beat, New York Post, Bloomberg, BBC, Salon and others. (Please note, this feature is still experimental, and is currently being expanded.)

While we only archive metadata (title, author, tags, plus one image link) from other blogs, this enables us to provide a single search box for all the major art blogs, to aid researching across over 14,000 art related topics.

We also have short reviews of all the major contemporary art blogs, to help you with an overview of new sources that might interest you. We also document shows, events and fairs ourselves in our front page. Four times a year we publish a contemporary art books list.

Artists, galleries and others can submit their own images and information into the mix, and we feature the best of our own and others’ art news on our Twitter feed.

Contemporary Art Blogs is a project by Artist Website, who aim to be the best option for professional artists looking for their own website.