Top 100 Art Blogs


The below could be considered the best contemporary art blogs for differing cities, media, or curatorial approach. Their best visual content is featured daily on our front page.

Contemporary Art Blogs

If this is your first time here, is a visual aggregator, somewhat akin to a Google News for contemporary art. For quick viewing we feature a single image of the latest posts from all the best blogs below, balanced for country, media, and approach. View the front page to see it in action. The best visual art news in text form is featured on our news page.

Frieze Blog

A mashup of Dan Fox, Jennifer Higge, Sam Thorne et al’s comments. Nice; bounces between Frieze-quality posts and a lot of photographs of opened mail. Currently a featured blog on our front page.

Daily Serving

Now we’re also talking! Daily Serving has what is lazily often called ‘a good eye’.

Artist Website

The Artist Website blog shows images of great artist’s work, as well as tips and advice for successful contemporary artist’s practice. Recommended.

Contemporary Art Daily

With a focus on what exhibitions are current – rather than best images or artists – CAD is a good way to keep track of what’s happening in the galleries. It’s good to have a nice European one this high on the list.

A portfolio of Toronto-based art critic Randy Gladman’s writing and curating projects. The site also offers “a library of noteworthy books about art and fun interviews with cool creative people”, regularly updated.


The everywherest of the LA art blogs – pretty much big pictures of shows and the backs of people’s legs. Too many updates to feature on our front page, check it out on Tumblr.

C Monster

The ‘monster is another NYC monolith. Tends to the dot-point, to save time. Mega links to browse.

Saatchi Gallery Blog On

Confusing mess of a layout, but plenty of what’s on.

Art & Design on the NYT

Sorry venerable New York Times, you’re a blog in this century.

Idiom Mag

More from the ArtCat empire, this is regularly updated with some pretty good stuff.

Art 21 Blog

Education-y in tone, a good roundup of whatswhat. Regularly updated.

Vasili Kaliman’s Art Patrol

The director of Kaliman Gallery sometimes updates this extensive, at times almost daily list of the best exhibitions in private galleries internationally.

Recent Future Archive

Recent Future Archive is curated by Ane Bülow, and contains a stunningly broad sample of much of the top art from around the world. Regularly updated, it has a global focus but is based in Denmark.


Vvork is another which was ‘special’, but now in the past. Also worth looking at for the archives.

Tate Blog

Ranges from Contemporary, Modern, and Pre-Modern art, goes well with the Tate Channel – small videos made to accompany exhibitions at the Tate Modern et al.


“A journal of contemporary art published digitally for easy reproduction and circulation by anyone and everyone around the world.” PDFs for the people!

A wide range of content, from contemporary art exhibitions, to new museum placements and events.

Universes in Universe

Visual arts from Africa, Asia, and the Americas “in the international art context”.

James Wagner

James Wagner lives in New York and writes about art and politics. He is the editor, along with Barry Hoggard, of the arts calendar ArtCal. Three thumbs up.

E-Flux Journal

E-Flux may not be a blog, but their Journal – available online – could be an especially fancy one. More art articles than you can read, so it is not always included in our feed.

I expect good things from these kids in the future. Always nice to see their picks section.

Fucking Good Art

A text-heavy (in a good way) online journal from the Netherlands (in Dutch).

Flash Art – the online component to Flash Art Magazine.


Contemporary abstract paintings and graphics.

Beautiful Decay

Online site of this offline magazine.


High quality, this site provides video stories on contemporary art and other subjects.

Edward Winkleman

The NY dealer’s thoughts on art and politics. Nice n regular. Follow the links for more.

Theory Now

Theory blog with isolated images.

We Make Money Not Art

“We visit art galleries, listen to conferences, cover art and design events, take a lot of pictures, interview creative people, and we document these findings in order to share them with you.” I wonder if anyone ever says thank you.


Afterall focuses on contemporary art and its relation to a wider artistic, theoretical and social context. And looks good whilst doing it. From the UK.

Art Fag City

Paddy Johnson seeing mainly New York stuff.


Art and politics, and politics and art.

Two Coats of Paint

Painting, mainly, in New York.

Off Center

A rare, quality blog to accompany a contemporary art institution (here, the Walker Art Center)

The Brooklyn Rail

The ‘Rail, a project largely by Phong Bui, is an institution – albeit a friendly one.

Art World Salon

A whole bunch of art market musings; cartoonsy.


In the ArtCat, Idiom Mag, and James Wagner idiom itself it seems – they all seem to be interrelated – and they do all provide good content.


Un-lite NY/ LA gallery musings from John Perreault on Arts Journal. More like little essays, which is nice.


You have to register to get into this massive archive of art theory, with daily contributions by users (mainly text based).


The blog of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, in Melbourne, blogs videos and information about their own exhibitions, but also features contemporary art news internationally, such as features on recent Venice Biennale artists.

16 Miles of String

16 Miles is NYC based, but gets out more than many. Updated every 3 or so days. Refreshingly ambitious.

Un Magazine

Melbourne’s leading independent magazine for contemporary art.

Another Bouncing Ball

Regina Hackett’s Arts Journal blog.

Art Addict

Paige West’s (a collection curator) various musings on contemporary art, buying stuff, etc.

Aesthetica Magazine

A very good UK blog, ranges from small to big shows.

(fundamental) PAINTING

From South London, a tightly curated collection tending towards contemporary primitive abstraction. Goes well with the author’s collection of interviews with painters, (standard) INTERVIEW.

today and tomorrow

Looking for a Berlin blog, this one still tends to cover NY/LA and ‘stuff I like’. Nice to have another European perspective. In English.

The Art Life

Andrew Frost, Guardian arts and ABC TV commentator in Sydney, collates this most indispensable of blogs on the (mainly east coast) Australian art scene.


Mainly photography, and urban photography at that.

Good quality contemporary art images, and occasional shots from art fairs and exhibitions.

Arrested Motion

Lots of stuff. Art featured can tend towards the street art end of the spectrum.

New Art

Instantly appealing stuff – some nice things.

Bad At Sports

Contemporary art talk. Comes in both podcast and readcast varieties. Good chunk of stuff each month.

Bomb Magazine

One artist per entry. Link goes to their ‘art’ category.

Michelle Kasprzak’s views on contemporary art curating. Good for finding curatorial jobs. Not to be confused with….

The equally good online magazine on curating. Put here to confuse you more.!

Always a borderline entry, they can slip into illustration and ‘internet-y’ art.

Intimate Vignettes

Long running contemporary art blog run by artist/photographer Sundari Carmody.

Hustler of Culture

Nice site, with some particularly good work on here on occasion.

Contemporary Art at Martha

Martha Garzon’s blog is a particularly wide-ranging blog on contemporary art, updated for the courses she teaches. Recommended.

Mise en green

Modern and contemporary art… with plants.

William Powhida

Artist William Powhida makes work about growing his own fame, and in the process makes a blog addressing general issues and events affecting emerging contemporary artists. Includes his “enemies” list. Self referential. Approximately once a week.

But Does It Float?

Well yes and it’s beautiful.


David John (LA). Sits somewhere between covering contemporary art and interior design.

Texte Zur Kunst

Should take you to the English page of this important German art magazine archive.

The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper, online.

Hue & Cry

Hue & Cry is a gorgeously designed, black and white, offset, 170mm by 240mm literary slash art journal based in New Zealand.

Artists Websites

Somewhat related – there is also a nice collection of leading artist’s own websites to browse.

Visual artists should also know about